Adderson's Dairy

Telephone: 01234 391250
Address: Lodge farm, Cranfield Road, North Crawley, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, MK16 9HP, United Kingdom

Further information

We are a small scale dairy farm and have 25 milking cows and youngstock. Our family have been farming at Lodge Farm and selling raw milk for nearly 100 years. We don't buy in any cows and all the cows here today were born here. This has the advantage of limiting the risk of disease being introduced into the herd. Although not certified organic we don't use pesticides or herbicides and we don't treat the cows with antibiotics unless necessary.
The cows are free range and are out at pasture, eating grass in the spring, summer and autumn. The cows are kept in during the winter and are fed home grown grass silage.
You are more than welcome to come directly to the farm and collect your milk. It is advisable to order your milk in advance to guarantee we have enough for you. If you send us an email 24 hours before you wish to collect, we will fill your milk into 1pt, 2pt or 4pt poly bottles.

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