Charnwood Forest Farm

Telephone: 07846632229
Address: Charnwood Forest Farm, Charley Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 9XJ, United Kingdom

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We retail free range raw milk through our milkbot vending machine .We have a herd of prize winning cows,extremely well cared for, with high concern for cow comfort and happiness .Our cows are bred for longevity indeed our oldest cow is 18 years old and just retired but still kept on farm. The Ayrshire milk we produce is of high quality always in the top bands for hygiene quality. Ayrshire milk has been found on consumer research to be the sweetest and best drinking milk, apparently a smaller fat global aids this also making the milk more easily digestible. "Raw" is alive bursting with vitamins ,minerals ,antioxidants enzymes,microform and immune boosting properties .My family have always reaped the benefits from drinking raw milk now I want to share this with the public.

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